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The renowned Try-Rex Shape, first used by Richard Best and extended into J.R. Moon[1], which now goes by the name of Moon Products, know resides in the Try-Rex Moon produced by Moon.

The Fame of a ShapeEdit

The fame of this shape, which was a prime example of the Elongated Hexagonal Shape. It had been used in dozens of species over the course of alf a century, with most of those latter-day pencils bearing the name of Try-Rex. It has been a great shape, which it was the original Triangular Pencil, which conformed to people's hands, which added to its popularity. As seen on many of the pencils, the indicate that the shape is patented, as seen in this cutout from the Vivichrome (see image below). Some earlier models say 'Pat. Applied For'.[2]

Range of ExistanceEdit

The Try-Rex Pencils have existed just about any where in the USA, but no one knows if it has existed elsewhere as well.

The Try-Rex Shape

The Patent mark as seen on the Pencils

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