Noblot or NoBlot is a term used to name all of the Eberhard Faber, Faber-Castell, or Sanford Noblot Ink Pencils.

Eberhard Faber Blu-Blak Pencil 2nd Variety

Kind of PencilEdit

Noblot's are indelible copying pencils, thus, their mark is black like graphite until it gets wet, in which event the mark turns blue.


The Pencils are painted a grey color, with a silver ferrule and is branded in silver foil. The older Blu-Blak's were a different design.

The LeadEdit

As being a Copying Pencil, the lead is a mixture of graphite, wax, and a dye. This mixture has allowed the Noblot its famous ability to write on just about anything when the lead or marking surface gets wet.


The lead, as being partially made of a dye, that is water soluble, can and will melt in water. The hotter the water, the faster the lead will melt.

The WoodEdit

The wood of a Noblot, although being strong enough to hold the pencil in place and being strong enough to write with and use in sharpeners, it is very brittle. It can break in shards if to much pressure is applied to them, as in a Crank-Sharpener.

This also has helped them get their reputation of easy breaking, since the wood is so brittle, the Pencil can be snapped with very little pressure.

The FerruleEdit

The ferrule of a Noblot is strangely strong for such a small thing. Made of a metal, probably tin or brass, it can support constant hits, without getting dings or scratches. But, the ferrule, although different from plenty of pencils, can become loose, if during manufacturing, or by handling, the wood under it can snap and break off and thus make it loose. Corrective ways of fixing this include, gluing a piece of wood cut to the shape under the ferrule, or the best and easiest thing to do is to jam it. Paper jamming works best for a start, but eventually wears out, other ways to jam the ferrule are to use cloth and wrap it around, or the best, so far discovered, is to jam it with a folded piece of aluminum foil.


The history of the Noblot Ink Pencils is very long and complicated, and no one knows just how long Sanford will produce these pencils.

The First NoblotEdit

The First Noblot was produced by Eberhard Faber under the Blu-Blak name. Then Eberhard Faber produced the Noblot's.


The Castellization of the Noblot's happened in 1988 when Eberhard Faber was sold to Faber-Castell Corp.


Newellization happened to these pencils in 1994, when Sanford Corp. bought the remains of Eberhard Faber from Castell.