Newellizattion occured when Pencils that were part of another company originally became part of Sanford Corp., which in 1992 was bought out by Newell Rubbermaid, and thus the term Newellization[1] began.

The TermEdit

Newellization is now known as the process when Sanford began the process of assimilating and integrating companies, products, and brands into the "best possible".

The Result of NewellizationEdit

As a result of Newellization, many companies, such as Eberhard Faber, Berol Corp., and Empire Pencil Co. have disappered from the market in a mass pencil manufacturing war of supremacy.

Berol and MongolEdit

The Berol and Mongol names have survived, though in limited ammounts, and they have only survived in South American Countries and in the Phillipines.