The Blackwing 602, also known as the Blackwing or BW is the "Holy Grail" of all pencils and thus demands a market value as high as $55 (USD) per pencil.

The WoodEdit

The wood of a Blackwing was made from the finest quality Incense Cedar from California. And it lasted a long time, resistant to cracking and breaking and weathering, many BWs today still have perfect wood.

The PaintEdit

The paint of a Blackwing was black in color, hence the name, although it was slightly darker than the Noblot, for a modern day comparison. The fact that it never cracked or peeled made it loved dearly by pencil afficianados.

The Legendary Ferrule and EraserEdit

The Blackwing's ferrule and eraser are legendary. The Blackwing Style is also derived from the ferrule style. It is the only style of ferrule and eraser to be used by a single brand, and then never to be used again. It was slim and lengthened and the eraser fit inside it, and could easily be removed if it got too short.